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The Owner



My name is Jonathan Farr. I have been a mechanic since June of 1986, when I graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology and started fixing airplanes. When Eastern Airlines went under I moved into the automotive field.

For over 20 years I honed my skills at dealerships, becoming a Senior Master Mechanic and transmission specialist.  I am skilled in the repair and service of both American and foreign vehicles

In The Beginning...



On July 1st 2013, I bought a Volvo repair shop and founded Farrs Auto Repair LLC. I wanted to be my own boss, to be able to work on all types of automobiles and more importantly, offer customers an “old school” personal relationship. 

Farrs Auto Repair strives to be a trusted member of the community. Our goal is to provide reliable, honest automotive service and repair, at an affordable price, in a friendly environment.

Customers have told me they trust me, because I take the time to explain their problems and the repairs necessary to fix them. I keep the cost reasonable and do excellent work. 



 Farrs Auto Repair has a reputation for expert diagnosing and repairing of all types of cars and trucks. We have a genuine concern for safety, reliability and cost of the work, to the customer.

I do not sell unneeded work based on vehicle age or mileage.

My philosophy is to perform work requested, repair problems customers want fixed and make them aware of any and all potential safety or reliability issues and keep things affordable. 

Nearly all dealers, “quick-lubes” & repair shops are programmed to “upsell” every customer. People are confused and tired of it. They are upset and overwhelmed by the unnecessary work being forced upon them, just to increase their bill. These are the the people that love our shop. They know I don’t lie or oversell work. Our loyal customers often refer friends and relatives.

I am proud to say that a number of our customers have become good friends!